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Day 4 – Blog Challenge – Somewhere I Would Like To Move or Visit


It is Day 4 of the Blog Challenge already!

I have always wanted to live in the USA!

For absolutely years and years, I have been telling my family that I would be moving to the USA one day, and I hope that perhaps I do, or at the very least visit once more.

I got the idea of waiting to go back when I visited New York with my parents in 2012, just before Christmas, and it was absolutely unbelievable! The spirit of Christmas was everywhere, from the streets with large Christmas decorations, to inside the shops which took you to another world as soon as you walk through the door.

In all the Christmas’s I can remember, I have never seen the UK quite do Christmas in the same way. I would heartily recommend everyone to visit during Christmas if you haven’t already.

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Other places in the USA I’d like to visit are;

  • Washington DC – The top places in Washington DC I would like to see is the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Grand Canyon 
  • Los Angeles – After visiting Disneyland Paris, I have been pretty intrigued to see what the one in the USA looks like. Apparently it’s bigger and better! I would also like to visit the Universal Studio’s and Beverly Hills.
  • San Francisco – My top places that I would like to visit in San Francisco are the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, as well as Alcatraz Island.
  • Las Vegas – The Las Vegas Strip  – a.k.a. Casino’s!

Happy Reading 🙂


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