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Day 6 – Blog Challenge – Top 5 Dream Jobs

2It is Day 6 of the Blog Challenge already, and today I will be discussing my Top 5 Dream Jobs!

Over the years, I changed what I thought my ‘dream’ job would be, so the list I will make, may change in the future. So in no particular order, the following are my top 5 dream jobs.

  1. librarian / book store owner – I am a huge book lover, and the idea of spending every working hour, minute and second surrounded by books, is a book lovers dream!! I have frequently applied for jobs within the library industry, but it is actually a really hard job to get. Perhaps one day, I will have enough books to open my own bookstore!
  2. Working within a museum – As you will soon see, I also am fond of history, particularly Ancient Egypt and Queen Victoria era. I am currently carrying out a degree in Arts and Humanities, where there are units solely on these subjects. After going further into learning about these subjects, I found that it would be an immense honour to be able to work alongside, or even handle, some of the priceless artifacts.
  3. Publisher – There are so many authors out in the world, that never got the right first chance when they went to a company to publish their book, such as J.K Rowling. If I was in the position of being able to, I would open my own publishing company, where I would help those who are less advantageous financially to publish their book.
  4. Author – I suppose in a sense, I am an author as I often compete in writing competitions throughout the year, and have been fortunate to be published twice in small work books as part of a collection. I have worked on a few books throughout the years, based either on experiences I have been through, or subjects I find fascinating, but have never finished them.
  5. Full time blogger – I would love the opportunity to become a full-time blogger and be able to write and travel the world.

These are my top 5 dream jobs, and they all have the same general feeling behind them.

At the end of the day, I have always wanted to make a difference in life, whether that will be by opening a bookstore that will help an author expand their sales, or influencing a generation from a find or discovery within a museum.

Happy Reading 🙂

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