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Day 8 – Blog Challenge – Top Dog Walks In Kent

2Over the past 18 months, Bertie and I spend as much time as possible exploring new places and making the most of each day. Here are just a few of our top dog walks.

Hamstreet Woods

At Ham Street Woods, there are three main path tracks which can take up to either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour, depending on the individual. However, there are a number of other public footpaths that can take you around the outside of the woods, by following the large yellow arrow. Walking around the full woods, can take up to an hour a half.

Things to know;

  • There is only one dog poop bin, which is at the very beginning of the walk.
  • There is a small unofficial car park.
  • Dogs can be off lead throughout the woods. There are signs where dogs aren’t allowed, in the fields around the woods, which farmers own.
  • Address for SatNav – Hamstreet Woods Nature Reserve, Hamstreet, Ashford, TN26 2HH

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Kings Wood

There are many routes throughout the woods, the photos taken are from the red trail, which has sculptures throughout (around 20/30). The red trail can take between an hour and a half, to two hours. During bluebell season, it is most scenic.

Things to know;

  • There is a dog poop bin, at the front of main car park.
  • There are two car parks, a small one and an overflow one.
  • Dogs can be off lead throughout the woods.
  • Address for SatNav – Kings Wood, Challock, Ashford TN25 4DG



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Hastings County Park

There are so many routes in and around Hastings County Park, that even Bertie and I, haven’t been able to cover them all. There are places where you can stop and have lunch on picnic tables.

Things to know;

  • There are dog poop bins at the top of the main car park.
  • There is a car park.
  • Dogs are allowed off lead throughout the park, however, unless you are in the field areas, I would not recommend dogs being off lead or children wandering too far ahead, as there are areas where the cliff just drops.
  • Address for SatNav – Hastings County Park, 128 Martineau Ln, Hastings, TN35 5DR


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Littlestone Dog Park

There are two routes into Littlestone dog park, and runs alongside the golf course. This area is safe and secure, and dogs are allowed off lead. There are peaks during the day, when the park is most busy. This is a perfect area for young puppies learning social activities.

The Littlestone Beach is at the entrance, where dogs are allowed all year round.

Things to know;

  • There is two dog poop bins at both entrances.
  • There is an unofficial dog park.
  • Dogs are allowed off lead.
  • Address for SatNav – Coast Road, New Romney, TN28 8QY – follow the road to the end.



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