Blog Challenges

Day 9 – Blog Challenge – Bookcase Reveal!

2Today’s blog piece, will be pretty short, as I will be revealing my bookcases! I have three in total, and each have their own rules and books that are allowed.

Bookcase 1

This bookcase is full of odd books, or small collections, and is currently full to the brim. Once the small collections, get a little bit bigger, I will be expanding them onto a new bookcase.

Bookcase 2

The top shelf is for my Egyptian collection, both ornaments and books. The middle shelf: the left half is for my coursework folders, so they are readily available when I need them, the right half is my overflow from bookcase 1. The bottom shelf holds my photo albums, games, and course text books.

20181226_153213 (1)

Bookcase 3

Bookcase 3 holds my biggest book collections; Danielle Steel and Lee Child. The second top shelf on the right, holds my TBR (one day) pile as well.


Happy Reading 🙂

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