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Book Review: The Long Way Around: A Novel By Terri Jones



Plot outline: LeAnn’s a perfectionist to the core. But when the brash advertising executive crashes a potential client’s apartment, she can’t help but smile. As LeAnn enjoys the verbal banter with the brilliant artist, the line starts to blur between business and pleasure.

Jaggar embraces the solo lifestyle, but his cult status forces the intrusive outside world to seep in. Despite his introverted nature clashing with LeAnn’s candor, he savors her company. But when she pries too far into his past, Jaggar isn’t sure if he should retreat or take a leap of faith.

Then an unforeseen visitor turns LeAnn’s world upside down. Can the artist and the exec find their future or will the past push them over the edge?

My Review: From the first page of ‘The Long Way Around’, I was hooked! I love the writing style and how Terri introduced both of the main characters smoothly and went straight into the story.

Jagger and LeAnn are brought together after LeAnn’s car breaks down, near where Jagger lives. After asking Jagger for some assistance, LeAnn takes Jagger out for a walk in the neighbourhood, settling for a place to eat. Through persistence, LeAnn persuades Jagger to go for a walk with her every Saturday, where he finds inspiration for his artwork.

As you go further into the book, LeAnn and Jagger face the feelings they have for each other, as well the demons and their past. I found it really touching when Jagger stayed by LeAnn’s side, when she was going through hard times, and had difficult decisions to make.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this book.

My Rating: 4*

Happy Reading 🙂


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