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Day 11 – Blog Challenge – Favourite Podcasts

2Today’s blog is going to be about podcasts. I have only recently discovered podcasts and have found them to be a godsend! I love the fact that you can just plug-in your headphones and listen to different things that interest you, without having to read it. With my line of work, and the activities I do in my spare time, more commonly than not, I am reading or using a computer, which can get quite tiresome.

Favourite Podcasts

  • Philosophy Bites – With the degree that I am currently working on, I am always learning and experiencing new ideas and theories, and Philosophy is one subject I adore immensely! These podcasts discuss and puts forward arguments and concepts of the world in relation to Philosophy. All podcasts have various running times.
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast – Spotify – I have been following Tony Robbins for years, which started as a recommendation from an old friend I used to work with, who suggested I listened to Tony Robbins for inspiration.
  • During this point in time, I was in bad place in life: I was in a relationship where the guy was cheating on me, in a job I disliked doing, a home that was barely standing with no heating and no hot water available, and I needed some balance of knowing where I could go, and what I could do with my life. Listening to Tony helped highlight where I was lacking in different areas, and how I could improve and make things a lot better.
  • Serial Killers – Spotify – It is quite gruesome but could be excellent research material for those writing crime stories, but this podcast talks through different murders committed by serial killers, and discusses why the serial killer may have committed the crime, or their reasons behind it. It is really fascinating for anyone taking criminology too.
  • Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith – Spotify – Amy Schumer makes me laugh in almost every film she has been in. This podcast has more comedy content.

These are my favourite podcasts! Let me know in the comments if you have listened to these, or have any suggestions!

Happy Reading 🙂

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