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Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Plot Outline: Most people dismissed the reports on the news. But they become too frequent; they became too real. And soon it was happening to people we knew.

Then the internet died. The television and radios went silent. The phones stopped ringing.

And we couldn’t look outside anymore.

My Review: This book left me speechless! I had heard a bit about it from the TV, and the book itself, but never really thought that much into it all, so I went into this book not knowing what to expect or how it would leave me feeling.

At first when I started I was a little bit annoyed, as the chapters are set out as one chapter being the current period as Majorie travelled up the river with Boy and Girl, the next chapter was then about the past of how Majorie got to that point. So the intrigues kept lingering, as you had to get through the next chapter to find out what happens. Also, with this way of writing, in Bird Box, you already knew everyone in the ‘past’ chapter are consequently going to die. That’s right! You get attached to the characters and the author kills them!

Essentially, this book follows a group of people in their survival to learn how to guide themselves by using only their eyes when leaving the house. There is a constant threat of the ‘creatures’.

But when I got to the end of the book, I understood why it was written like this. It is a powerful, strong, emotionally disturbing piece of art! The twists, the details, the heartbreak, the bonds – Fantastic!

Recommend and Rating: 5* – I would highly recommend!

Genre: Psychological thriller
Approx. pages: 305
Kindle Edition

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