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Blog Tour: The Lone Wolf by John Pepe

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Title: The Lone Wolf
Author: John Pepe
Publisher: John Pepe via Amazon KDP
Genre: Fantasy

Thank you to Paige for the opportunity to read this book in the exchange for an honest review as part of The Lone Wolf Blog Tour!

Plot Outline: While tracking a tribe of orcs, Remence comes across much more than that…an ogre mage seeks to unite all the orcs of the region against humans and non-orc kind. These orcs are well-disciplined, organized, and much better equipped; it is a true army, unlike anything young Remence has ever seen, and they are heading right for his village. When he fails to convince the village elders of the imminent threat to their lives, Remence takes extraordinary measures to save his people.

Caladin and Quinn are much more than the fancy thieves they appear to be. On their latest endeavor, they, too, learn of the orc host bearing down on the people of the region and throw themselves into the fray. After the gentlemen procurers are hired to uncover information about the recent attack, they enlist the help of Remence, learning their fight is against a common foe. Alongside a ragtag group of orc hunters, three half-ogre brothers, and a half-orc, Caladin, Quinn, and Remence turn detective and seek to find the person who is aiding the ogre mage. What they discover is that they may be the only ones standing between the massive orc army and the threat to humankind.

My Review: This was the first time I had read fantasy and I went in with a good book to widen my genre bases.

This book starts with a prologue of Hexion and King Bulbug discussing how Bulbug’s army would attach Ironwood Gate but would not be defeated, as part of Hexion’s plan. It then goes on to Remence coming across a encampment of ogres and oni not far from his village. Knowing that there were enough numbers to take out his village, Remence runs home and consults with the Hand with his father about having the village people flee before the ogres attacked.

The Hand, like our human hand, which has no emotion attached to its actions, is supposed to give unbiased advice and judgement, so fairness will always accompany our counsel and decrees. That is its purpose.

Unfortunately, the Hand don’t believe Remence’s warning and decided to let the warriors defend their village. Later the ogres attack the village, but only a small portion of ogres that Remence had seen had come to the village to test their defence strategies. The village won the victory. The make the Hand see reason, Remence took Gromken, one of the Hand’s sons, to the encampment that Remence had seen.

Grok is the key to convincing the council. Convince his heart, for you will never convince his mind.

When Remence and Gromken got back to the village, they discussed the impending attack from the remaining ogres, and it was decided that the women, children and elderly would go ahead in an attempt to reach Ironwood Gate, whilst the surviving warriors stayed behind in an attempt to hold off the ogres. Remence, Gromken, and a few others were able to hold off the ogres and got to Ironwood safely.

At Ironwood Gate, two other characters came into play – Caladin and Quinn. I absolutely adored this characters!! They had such likeable characters and exquisite skill with a sword, as well as magical powers! Caladin makes friends with Asi, a ogre hunter, and ended up becoming his partner in the business, (Quinn worked with them too). During Caladin and Quinn’s time in Ironwood Gate, King Bulbug’s army ‘attempt’ to attack Ironwood, which caused an unlikely individual requesting the cousins help.

Fear. Anger. Despair. Any negative emotion. Allow your mind to control these emotions. That is all they are – emotions. Nothing more. But if you don’t control them, they will control you. You need to guide those emotions. Use them. They can affect the outcome, so make sure it is the outcome that you desire.

Caladin and Quinn, with the help of Remence, Gromken and other survivors from his village, investigated and found out why the attack was put in place and had to also undertake some uncover work to get to the truth. Remence gets resolution for his people.

The last few chapters kept me on the edge of my seat! I couldn’t put the book down!


Rating: 3 out of 5.

About The Author:

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John D. Pepe is the author of THE LONE WOLF. He is a former practicing attorney turned school counselor.  He’s a Neek (Nerd and Geek) and a life long D&D player.  He enjoys martial arts/working out, podcasting/blogging, travel, and spending time with his family and friends. He lives in So. Cal. with his wife and son.

You can follow his journey and writing via his website, blog, Instagram.


The Lone Wolf by John D. Pepe is live! Grab your copy of this exciting new fantasy novel here.

*Please note that quotes used in this review may have been changed during editing*

Happy Reading, x

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  1. Thank you Shanon for the great review! I really apprecite it. It is so helpful for authors, especially indie authors, to get reiviews like yours.


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