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Blog Tour: An Excerpt of Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? by Guy Rolands

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A huge thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for this opportunity to take part in the Book Tour for Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? by Guy Rolands! You can find out more about Rachel Random Resources here.

The Excerpt …

            It all sounded great in theory, an interesting holiday job for a penniless student. It had to be more interesting than cleaning out hotel rooms, and it was certainly more lucrative. But Sam’s main incentive was to get more closely acquainted with Nick Armitage, the guy she had met during the last couple of weeks of term. Although they had only been out together on a few occasions, she had been unable to put the tall dark entrepreneur out of her mind during her weeks of menial work just outside London. Consequently, Sam had readily agreed to Nick’s proposition, whereby she would return to Yorkshire to guard the priceless pig. It had all sounded so simple in theory; however, in practice, as she had found out the hard way, it was only just possible for a fit and agile person to get, unseen, to the pig enclosures. Her object was to keep an eye on the Super-Pig from a discreet distance without anyone being aware of her presence. Since only a few days remained before the new security measures were put in place, the inside person needed to act now to steal the pig, and Nick wanted to catch them in the act.

            Eventually, Sam located her quarry and sat huddled out of the wind with the pen of pig PP1052 clearly in view. A light drizzle was making her feel even more miserable. The sodden tracksuit coated with evil-smelling mud clung to her shivering body. She decided that if she hadn’t died of pneumonia, tomorrow she would bring some extra strong mints in the hope that sucking these might counteract the overpowering smell.

            The more she thought about it the more it, became apparent that Nick must be wrong. No way could anyone drive a huge pig back along that obstacle course to end up in the lane, where her friend sat warm and cosy in his car waiting to call in the cavalry.

            The research station stood out on the top of the hill in a blaze of light. Sam pulled out her phone to contact Nick, and as she did so, all the lights went out.

            ‘Hi Nick, I think we have a power cut.’

            ‘You’re right. I can’t see a thing up there.’

            ‘I have a nasty feeling we’ve got this all wrong.’ Sam looked down at the priceless animal happily wallowing in the mud. ‘He’s an enormous bugger. You couldn’t possibly get him over the stiles and fences back down to the road.’

            ‘The security guy, Simmons, led me to believe that if thieves were going to get their hands on PP1052, they would have to shift him down to the lane.’

            ‘That’s never going to happen.’ Sam considered what the thieves actually wanted. ‘Do they store something like the pig’s DNA up at the research centre? Is there something similar that’s small and easy to steal?’

            Nick let out a groan ‘Oh God. I’ve been so stupid. You’re absolutely right. Pig semen.’


            ‘Pig semen. Don’t you see? The key to all this selective breeding is artificial insemination. The thieves must have cut the power, shutting down the security and CCTV, to break into the centre in order to steal a sample of the pig’s semen. There’s a refrigerated unit full of the stuff. It would be a damn sight easier than stealing a huge great pig.’

            ‘So I’m covered in shit, exhausted and doing what you euphemistically described as a little grunt work.’ At which point, Reggie snorted loudly. Sam glared at him. ‘You can bloody well shut up. I’ve had more than enough of pigs for one day.’

            ‘You don’t have to adopt that tone with me,’ said Nick tersely.

            ‘I was talking to the pig.’

Trailer for Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime?

About the Book

Recovering from a brutal attack where she was savagely raped, university student Sam Smith attempts to rebuild her life and overcome the ongoing effects of her ordeal. Her ultimate goal is to bring her assailant to justice, but before she can do so her life and loves take a series of intriguing turns as she continues her sometimes unconventional education.

                Eventually she is able to identify her attacker and decides to exact retribution in her own particular style, but during her preparations Sam becomes aware that her every move is being tracked by a mysterious organisation. To avoid detection by the police and also her hidden watchers, Sam Smith attempts to commit the perfect crime. However in the aftermath of her vigilante action events change rapidly to bring about a most unexpected outcome.

Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? is the first book in the Sam Smith Adventure Series and can be read as a standalone.

About the Author

Guy Caplin worked in television broadcasting for over 40 years and is one of the few people to have achieved success in both the technical and artistic branches of the medium.  He has worked with many celebrities including, the Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Hope and Maria Callas.

He moved to ITV’s Yorkshire Television in 1969 as a Producer and Director of Sport, Outside Broadcasts and special events.  Among the many programmes he devised was the quiz programme “Winner Takes All” fronted by Jimmy Tarbuck and Geoffrey Wheeler, which under his tenure was regularly amongst the Top Ten TV programmes and twice reached the coveted Number One Spot.

When the final series of the hit American programme Dallas ran into technical problems in Hollywood in 1989, Guy left YTV and joined a UK broadcast engineering company to try to come up with a solution.  The solution proposed resulted in the creation of the DEFT process, which although too late to be used on Dallas, was used initially on the Simpsons and subsequently on Friends, Frasier, Superman and many others America series.  DEFT was awarded an Emmy for outstanding technical achievement.

Back in the UK Guy owned and ran a company creating video productions for both broadcast and industry, was a freelance trainer at the BBC and a visiting tutor at the National School of Film and Television

For the past thirteen years Guy has also been regular lecturer for P&O cruises and Cunard and has effectively travelled twice around the world.

Now, having closed his video company, he spends his time writing under the name of Guy Rolands and has now completed four novels in the Sam Smith Adventure series. Having worked all over the world and encountered hundreds of remarkable characters, his experiences provide colour and intrigue to his work.

You can follow Guy Facebook.


Happy Reading, x

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