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Author Interview: Reformed Dreamer by Deborah King #blogtour

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Title: Reformed Dreamer
Author: Deborah King
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Pages: 203

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and Deborah King for the opportunity to take part of Reformed Dreamer’s Blog Tour!

About The Book

She’s wreaked havoc in everyone’s lives. Can she find forgiveness… even from within?

Former drug addict Melinda desperately wants to make amends for years of misguided aggression. Fresh out of rehab and in control of her type of bipolar disorder, she’s grateful to have a secure job and a safe homestead for her long road to recovery. Welcomed by a glorious cliffside sunset and her handsome rancher host, she’s surprised by their instant attraction.

Determined to excel at her work, Melinda does her utmost to display kindness and forges a healthy connection with the horses. And when her dedication warms the heart of the steeds’ drop-dead gorgeous owner, she starts to believe in the possibility of unexpected love and a new future.

Can Melinda truly conquer the demons of her past to find redemption?

Reformed Dreamer is the fourth and final book in the sweet Inspiration in Cologne women’s fiction series. If you like hard-won second chances, surprising romance, and rising above mental health hurdles, then you’ll love Deborah King’s touching story.

The Interview

First off, a HUGE thank you to Deborah for taking the time to complete this interview!

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.
    I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, in the US. I spent a few years living in a rural area, which inspired me to write my Inspiration In Cologne series.
    I love to work out because it energizes me. When I’m not writing, I enjoy gardening, hiking, and curling up with a good book with my cat beside me.
  2. Tell me about your current book that you are releasing.
    Reformed Dreamer is a romantic women’s fiction story about past betrayals, mistakes, new and old friendships, and love. Reformed Dreamer is the fourth and final book in the Inspiration In Cologne women’s fiction series The story focuses on Melinda, who is coping with her mild form of bi-polar disorder, while she attempts to restore previous relationships and follow her dreams.
  3. Can you tell me about the books you have written? Was there one you love writing more than the others?
    All of my books are about friendship, love, conquering your fears, and following your dreams. Instead of simply writing a romance, I weave other subplots and themes into each of my stories.
    I enjoyed writing each book in the Inspiration In Cologne series, because I fell in love with all of the main characters, their friends, and the fictional small town.
  4. Are you working on any books/projects currently?
    My work in progress is a spinoff of the Inspiration In Cologne series. Readers are introduced to a new setting and characters but will have the opportunity to keep in touch with their favorite characters from the Inspiration In Cologne series. The story focuses on a twenty-two-year-old young woman who went to culinary school and then follows her dream of preparing meals for the guests who visit her legacy, Wapiti Ranch. The guests spend time at the ranch to enjoy the unconditional love of horses and the peaceful setting, which helps them cope with their PTSD or other mental health issues. As the story unfolds, the main character’s entire existence is shattered, and she no longer trusts the one person she could rely upon.
  5. Who are/is your favourite character/s that you have created? Was this character based on someone you know/knew?
    I honestly don’t have a favorite character. I’ve grown to love all of their strengths and weaknesses. I am a nonjudgmental person and will only accept friendships or love from someone who accepts me for who I am, as I do them, which is similar to each of my characters.
  6. Do you often hear feedback from your readers? Has there been any feedback that stuck out the most?
    My readers’ love my character descriptions, the small-town venues, and the friendships and love that evolve in my books.
    One reader’s feedback definitely touches my heart. She was blown away by the twists near the end of Determined Dreamer, Book Three in the Inspiration In Cologne series. So far, they were hardest scenes in my books to write, and she made every reader aware of its strength.
  7. How did you publish your book?
    My books are self-published, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don’t like being told what to do, but I do listen to my editor and readers and appreciate their feedback.
  8. How did it feel when your first copies of your book came through?
    After reading too many books to count, I couldn’t believe I had actually written and published a book of my own. I laughed, danced around the room, and eventually cried from sheer ecstasy.
  9. What was the hardest scene that you have had to write?
    See my answer from question #6
  10. Have you ever had writers block? How did you get past it?
    I have had writer’s block a couple of times. I step away from the story for a few days, even though it’s lurking in the back of mind. Normally, when I’m working out, the scene I’ve stepped away from comes into crystal clear focus. I immediately stop doing whichever workout I’ve decided on for the day and write my ideas on a legal pad. Of course, I do finish my workout with more vigour than ever.
  11. How long does it usually take you to write a book?
    The first in series book usually takes me a year to write and then the subsequent books in the series fall into place in six months.
  12. What is your most productive writing space/area?
    I tend to have a hyperactive mind, body, and soul. It drives me crazy to sit still all morning or afternoon writing and or typing. When I’ve finally exhausted my body during the day, I sit on my comfy sofa after dinner and write until I feel the need to slow my mind down and escape with a good book and eventually fall asleep for a few hours.
  13. What was your favourite book growing up?
    I didn’t read while growing up. I spent my days and evenings outside, following my two older bothers’ every move. Ah, the good ole days. I started reading when I was in my thirties and never stopped. It’s such a nice escape from our daily stressors and so relaxing. I’ve probably read more books this year than any other, due to COVID.
  14. Are there any authors you inspired to be like?
    I was initially inspired by Liane Moriarty but transitioned into a different genre.
  15. When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?
    In 2016, I retired from my personal training and weight management business due to an injury and was bored out of my mind. Reading was keeping me busy but not busy enough. Since I love challenges, in 2018 I decided to try my hand at writing. A year later, I published Daring Dreamer, Book One in the Inspiration In Cologne series.
  16. What is your greatest achievement to date?
    I wish I could say it’s the awards I’ve received for my stories, but it’s not. My greatest achievement is raising two wonderful children who love me unconditionally.
  17. What do you like to do when you are not writing?
    See my answer from question #1.
  18. Do you have any tips for authors that are just starting out in their writing journey?
    I have three pieces of advice for new authors. Number One: read, read, read! Not just in your genre but outside as well. If you write romance, you should definitely read romance, but I also believe that by reading other genres you gain additional insight into how a story is crafted and what makes character believable. Please read!
    Number Two: If you think your story has already been written, it hasn’t. Each of us see the world differently and have our own unique experiences. Your individual personality will come through in your writing.
    My last piece of advice is to use a professional editor, proofreader, and book cover artist. Also, the more eyes you have on your book before publishing the better. Authors, editors, and proofreaders will miss some typos or misspellings, because they have read your book many times and know what’s coming next. Your book is your baby. Present her to the world in the best possible light.
  19. Is there anything you’d like to add?
    Yes. Thank you for taking part in Rachel’s Random Resources Blog Tour for Reformed Dreamer. 🙂

About The Author

Deborah King is a spirited woman who was inspired to pursue her dreams due to her mother’s death from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She has the unique ability to read people and tackle life’s hardships.

Deborah is an acclaimed, distinctive new voice in romantic women’s fiction. After raising two children, working with a not-for-profit wildlife rescue organization, and reading too many books to count, she retired from her personal training and weight management business to follow her dream of writing.

She is extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with many different people sharing and teaching what inspires her, which you’ll catch glimpses of in her books.

Deborah’s lived in several diverse areas in her city as well as three years in a rural setting. She lives in Missouri with her supportive husband, two rescue cats, who believe they’re dogs, her mini fitness store, and her eclectic collection of books.

For more from Deborah, visit her website, follow her on twitter, and visit and like her Facebook page.


Happy Reading, x

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