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Author Interview: Glimmer of hope by J. A. Andrews! #blogtour

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Title: Glimmer of Hope
Author: J.A. Andrews
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Crime, Thrillers
Pages: 205

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About The Book

Sometimes chasing a dream can become a nightmare…

Alecia Preen is living in poverty and desperate to make a better life for herself. Having moved to a new area for new beginnings after being disowned by her family, money was fast running out. She is struggling to make ends meet.

With the intention of charging lonely men online for her services, Alecia realises she can supplement her income by being unscrupulous. In meeting Jake Parker he requests that she role-plays as a psychiatrist, but he makes her aware of an underground millionaires playground called Sordida. He warns her to stay away.

As Alecia’s curiosity gets the better of her, she is amazed by the wealth and decadence on offer. Sordida is not the club she had anticipated because behind the legendary name lurks a very dark secret. A secret that could cost her everything.

He pays by the hour and Alecia pays in ways she had never imagined.

The Interview

  1. How does the cover for Glimmer of Hope relate to the story?
    The field and woodland area features near the end of the story and if you look carefully you’ll see two white sparks of light in the background. This represents the blinding white light the millionaires club portrays in the distance. Glimmer of Hope is about a young woman’s need to embark on a different lifestyle, it has a light at the end of the tunnel feel to it which fits perfect.
  2. Why have you released a novella when your other books are full-length novels? This for me is closure on an old piece of writing. Glimmer of Hope started life many years ago as a first draft to a novel idea I had. It didn’t fit at the time in any genre as it was my first attempt at novel writing. It’s not written in a style my readers would be familiar with either, if they’ve read Mummy’s Boy and You Let Him In, they’re both first person perspectives. I wanted to release this as a bonus story to sit alongside my work. I’ve re-edited it and aligned it more to a thriller.
  3. What are you writing about right now?
    I have very recently completed the first draft of my third psychological thriller full-length novel, and its with a beta reader for comments. Following that I will be doing some light edits before I submit to my publisher. Without giving too much away, it’s another suspenseful read from a first person perspective. I’m also in the early planning stages for book four, and I like the idea of writing about characters visiting another country, so I’m toying with a few twisted ideas at the minute for my potential 2021 releases.
  4. What do you do when you’re not writing?
    I have a full time job, so most of my weekdays are committed to my work an as a business analyst. I also recently was awarded my brown belt in Kickboxing, and I am a huge fan of the Call of Duty games from Activision. I used to be a gaming journalist, so even before I was writing books, I was always writing about upcoming games and reviews. I often day dream about holidays a lot too, and I always like to have something booked in advance. Lanzarote is my favourite destination.
  5. How you deal with negative reviews?
    Most authors get them, I do read them and there have been times I’ve taken some on board and improved aspects of my next book if I see a trend of comments. I too have read books and disliked them, also at times really couldn’t finish a book that was really popular and I couldn’t get the hype. I get comments all the time with positivity about how one of my books was written, character driven, and then you read a time when another person found it boring. Negative reviews are unavoidable, but I take it on the chin. I watch more closely to the overall rating, rather than what was written.
  6. Is there another authors book you wish you had written yourself?
    Yes! I wish I had written The Shining by Stephen King. I loved that book, and the movie. It’s dark and sinister. Some of his work has left an impression on me, and inspired me to write my own novel when I was 16 a long time ago on floppy disc it’s that old. It got left in a loft when I moved home 20 years ago. I’m tempted to go back and ask to take a look to see if it’s still there.
  7. Are any of your characters from your books based upon yourself?
    Not many of my characters are likeable since I write psychological thrillers where most of them have many issues or underlying demons. I haven’t based any specifically on myself, but some of the ways they play out and talk could be compared to me. Naturally I think some of my characteristics have been embedded into some of them, but I’d like to think I’m not that evil.

About The Author

JA Andrews is the author of gripping twisty psychological thrillers. Mummy’s Boy, and You Let Him In, are his full length novels, while Glimmer of Hope is a shorter story as a Kindle exclusive.  As well as writing fiction, JA Andrews enjoys reading a mix of genres, watching various reality TV and spending time with family and friends.

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