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Book Review: Art and Soul by Claire Huston

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Title: Art and Soul
Author: Claire Huston
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 394

Thank you to Claire Huston for the opportunity to read this book in the exchange for an honest review!

Plot Outline: There’s no problem Becky Watson can’t fix. Except her own love life…

Struggling single mother Becky Watson longs to revive her career as a life-fixer, working
miracles to solve her clients’ problems, no matter how big or small. Since the birth of her two-year-old son she has been stuck preventing wedding fiascos for the richest and rudest residents of the Comptons, a charming, leafy area of southern England known for its artistic heritage.
So when semi-reclusive local artist Charlie Handren reluctantly hires Becky to fix his six-year creative slump, she’s delighted to set him up with a come-back exhibition and Rachel Stone, the woman of his dreams.
Though they get off to a rocky start, Becky and Charlie soon become close. But as the
beautiful Rachel becomes Charlie’s muse, Becky is forced to wonder: will giving Charlie
everything he wants mean giving up her own happily ever after?

A heart-warming, uplifting romance served with a generous slice of cake.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review: Art and Soul is a heart-warming, feel good romance with a dash of intrigue and mystery, as well as a splodging of cake! I absolutely loved this book! So much so, that I couldn’t put my kindle down and read it within a day!

The story is well-thought out and is exceptionally well written, with lovable characters whom I couldn’t help but immerse myself into. Even though I knew this was a romance novel, I had guessed that Becky and Charlie would get together at some point, but the way that the author, Claire, made this happen wasn’t eliche at all, so when the moment did arrive, I was filled with so much warmth and happiness of these two characters, that I feel even more in love with the book!

Each page dripped with cake crumbs and the soul of the author, as she works her words of how she wrote her characters and story into the readers mind eye

Shanon Yeo

There were points in the book that made me giggle, such as when Virgil (the art gallery owner) helped Becky with an unwanted guest at his niece’s wedding. I felt like I had stepped out of a romance novel into Mission Impossible!

I was impressed and learnt a lot about how art showcases so much depth in their paintings, from the interactions between Rachel (art gallery), Becky and Charlie. The information was clear and concise for even someone like me, who has no clue on Art, to understand what different paintings were trying to bring across with their meaning.

About The Author:

Claire Huston lives in Warwickshire with her husband and two children. Art and Soul is her first novel.
A keen amateur baker, she enjoys making cakes, biscuits and brownies almost as much as eating them. You can find recipes for all the cakes mentioned in Art and Soul at along with over 100 other recipes. This is also where she talks about and reviews books.

You can also find Claire on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads and Pinterest.

Happy Reading, x

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Art and Soul by Claire Huston

  1. Thank you so much! This is really lovely 🙂
    I do like to imagine Virgil scurrying along that corridor behind Becky – her all stern and business as usual, and him grinning like a loon because he’s imagining he’s James Bond! x


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