February Unboxing | Mystery Book Valentines Book Box | The Cosy Book Company


Hello everyone!! As part of the new content within this blog, I have started a YouTube Channel!!! I am so excited to be sharing this new part of my journey with you all 🙂 At the moment, I have been having troubles with uploading the video, so I am currently only doing a post! Sorry everyone, please bear with me until this is sorted!

If you would like, please feel free to put links to your YouTube channels in the comments for me to check out!

Monthly Unboxing

Each month, I will be unboxing a book subscription or book related gift! There will be huge companies such as Box Of Stories or Book Box Club, as well as smaller known companies that I will be sharing the content with you all!

Posts/Videos will be coming to you around the 20th of each month!

To start February’s unboxing, I chose The Cosy Book Company from Etsy, with their Mystery Book Valentines Book Box! As options, I chose Hot Chocolate and Surprise me for the books!

Inside the Box …

I wish I had taken a photo of the box when I opened it, as it was absolutely beautifully laid out! Both of the books had been wrapped in a midnight blue wrapping, and all the added bits were hidden around the box. I must say, I was also pleasantly surprised about how much came out of this little box!
I will list the contents below for you;

  • The Cosy Book Company Bookmark
  • Pencil with pink love hearts
  • 2x Love Heart Sweets
  • Guppy’s Hot Chocolate Stirring Stick – Milk
  • Guppy’s Chocolate Bar
  • A little stone with a love heart engraved
  • Two Books – Resistance is Futile by Jenny T.Colgan, and My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corey
  • 2x Viennese Swirl biscuits
  • 2x Clippers Natural and Fair Hot Chocolate
  • And a little note saying ‘Magic awaits you within every cover…’

Here are the links for The Cosy Book Company;

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