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Book Review: You Let Me Go by Eliza Graham #blogtour

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Title: You Let Me Go
Author: Eliza Graham
Publisher: Lake Union
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 380
Format Read: Kindle
Release Date: 25th March 2021

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read this book in the exchange for an honest review as part of You Let Me Go Blog Tour!

Plot Outline: A secret family history of love, anguish and betrayal.

After her beloved grandmother Rozenn’s death, Morane is heartbroken to learn that her sister is the sole inheritor of the family home in Cornwall—while she herself has been written out of the will. With both her business and her relationship with her sister on the rocks, Morane becomes consumed by one question: what made Rozenn turn her back on her?

When she finds an old letter linking her grandmother to Brittany under German occupation, Morane escapes on the trail of her family’s past. In the coastal village where Rozenn lived in 1941, she uncovers a web of shameful secrets that haunted Rozenn to the end of her days. Was it to protect those she loved that a desperate Rozenn made a heartbreaking decision and changed the course of all their lives forever?

Morane goes in search of the truth but the truth can be painful. Can she make her peace with the past and repair her relationship with her sister?


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Review: I went in to this book not exactly knowing what I would expect by the ending.

I won’t lie, it is a slow starter. For the first 40% of the book, it felt as though it was written for the reader to bide their time whilst the story grew in the background, which was so disappointing. However, once this point was reached and one of the characters, Morane, had made the decision to go to Brittany to discover the truth of her Grandmothers past, things really good interesting!

The chapters took turns in telling the reader either about the past, present or future. Most of these were based on Rozenn, was a Parisian who went to live in St Martin with her parents, twin sister Claire and her brother Yann. Yann was meant to have gone back to Paris or reported himself to duty to help the Germans, but the family kept him hidden at home. Rozenn who could see the troubles and problems that were being faced with this, found a local boy, Luc who was to help Yann get across the sea to Britain. However, on the night of the escape, things went awfully wrong, and the suspense of the last few chapters made it all the more thrilling when it finally came out.

Morane, was Rozenn’s granddaughter, who after discovering a letter hidden in her late grandmothers bedroom decided to investigate further. Morane went to the house where Rozenn and her family lived, and found out the truth which lie, ironically, between the family homes four walls.

I’ve kept this review rather sketchy, because honestly, you need to read it to understand why this book was such a good read! The only disappointing side, was the build up was too long which could disengage people to keep going. If you are going to read this book, give it the chance! Keep pushing through, because honestly, I have been going round my house for the last two hours yelling ‘OH MY GOD, I DIDN’T SEE THAT HAPPENING’.

About The Author:

Eliza Graham spent biology lessons reading Jean Plaidy novels behind the textbooks, sitting at the back of the classroom. In English and History lessons, by contrast, she sat right at the front, hanging on to every word. At home she read books while getting dressed and cleaning her teeth. During school holidays she visited the public library multiple times a day.

At Oxford University she read English Literature on a course that regarded anything post-1930 as too modern to be included. She retains a love of Victorian novels. Eliza lives in an ancient village in the Oxfordshire countryside with her family. Her interests (still) mainly revolve around reading, but she also enjoys walking in the downland country around her home.

Happy Reading, x

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