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An Update for Literacy Indulgence

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As some of you may have realised, I haven’t posted on my blog since April. Unfortunately at the moment, I have decided to step away from my blog and focus on myself and family. There have been many things going on behind the scenes from buying our first house, family emergencies, new jobs, and there is limited time for me to juggle work, university and blogging at the same time – let alone spend time with my family.

Due to all of this going on, my reading mojo has been heavily affected; I am struggling to read anything at the moment which has been heart-breaking for me to experience as I have always relied so heavily on reading to help me get through things or to even have down time. BUT! I have found a new hobby during this time, sewing! So I may be bringing a bit of that into the blog when I come back in the future 🙂

I will be reviewing the books that were previously requested once I am back into blogging again. However, please note that all requests from today will be declined.

For now this is good bye, but I hope some day soon to come back!

I also have an Amazon Wishlist! You can check it out here 🙂

Happy Reading, x

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