Review Policy

*Please note I am not currently accepting requests*

Requesting a Book Review

All books that are being requested for review, need to be either paperback or hardback. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

To request a book review, please send an email to, highlighting the name and genre of your book, a short description of what your book is about. If the book is of interest, and I have time to read your book within a deadline set, I will send you details for the book to be sent.

My favourite genres to read include: thriller, psychological thriller, mystery, and murders. Please note I don’t accept comics.

Book Format Preferences

I accept hardback and paperback.

Where I May Post Reviews

Once I have completed the review, the author will see a copy first. After this, the review will be published on my website, which at the bottom will have a link where readers can buy the book and also a link to the author Facebook Page or website. The blog review will then be shared through Literacy Indulgence Facebook Page, and Twitter. A rating will also be put on Goodreads.

*Due to reviews being removed from Amazon, please note I will not be leaving a review on Amazon.

Rating Policy

At the end of each review, I will put a star rating.

5* – I loved the book and would highly recommend, as well as read again

4* – I enjoyed the book but it didn’t have a twinkle for a 5*

3* – I liked the book, and would recommend

2* – I struggled to grasp the notion of the book, but would still recommend

1* – I struggled to grasp the book and would not recommend

*Please note that I will write an honest review and will portray my thoughts and feelings. Any reviews carried out will not be changed.

Review Timeline

There may be some months when I will be able to take on more books. When I have made my selection (a month in advance) you will be informed on whether your book has been chosen to be reviewed. When the review is ready, you will see it first before it is published on my website, and social media sites.

Updated: 20.12.20

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