A. Antipa

A wonderful service, who promotes new writers! I definitely recommend it!

G. Shanbhag Wagle

I am happy that “Literacy indulgence” posted the complete synopsis of my novel CORPORATE ARMAGEDDON to give readers an idea-what my novel is all about. I am happy that my author website and my social media author pages have been posted , so that readers can connect with me. I thank Literacy indulgence for it’s meticulous efforts and sincerity.

B. Sommers

Shanon is one of those rare people who makes you remember what it’s like to love what you do! She has a unique way of catching you up in her enthusiasm. Working with her has been a pure delight and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact her. It is my opinion that it won’t be long before The Book Addict is a household name in the blogging world!